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Our journey began when Unilever decided to bring its internationally acclaimed specialized bakery fats to India; under the brand name of ‘Masterline’. We pioneered the concept of specialized bakery fats for various applications in India. In 2003, the US-based integrated global agribusiness and food giant Bunge acquired Masterline brands
Bunge reinforces the Masterline tradition of emphasis on specialization, experimentation, value-addition and innovation and further exposes users of Masterline to international expertise.

Bunge is guided by aset of core values:Integrity,Teamwork, Citizenship,Entrepreneurship and Openness and Trust. These values reflect who we are and what we do. They ensure the effectiveness of our integrated and decentralized approach and help us achieve our purpose of enhancing lives by improving the global agribusiness and food chain. Our core values guide and inspire our work every day.


Masterline Bakery Products

Masterline Bakery Service offers the country’s largest selling and most trusted range of specialized bakery fats, shortenings and margarines. All Masterline products are developed keeping in mind specific needs to provide that extra edge in quality.



Masterline also offers a wide range of premium quality products for all bakery and baking needs including cake and muffin mixes, compounds, cocoa powder, whip topping creams, glazes, and a number of improvers and enhancers.


Institutional Oils and Fats

Our Institutional oils and fats business also known as Bunge Foods offers institutions specialized fats and oils for your customized needs. The variety ranges from fats for frozen desserts to the most premium quality sunflower, soya bean and palm oils.

Our Services

Masterline Bakery Service, a division of Bunge India offers India’s largest selling and most trusted range of Specialized Bakery Fats, Shortenings and Margarines. At Masterline, we believe in solutions and innovations for and partnering with our customer – the Bakery Industry.

As a part of its expansion strategy Bunge acquired Masterline and with this international backing.



Want to bake something delicious? For 30 years now, Masterline has been by your side bringing some of the finest ideas and products to elevate your baking experience. Our collection of famous, mouth-watering recipes are of styles and tastes from various regions across the country.
Recipes & Publications

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