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SSM Magic – Icing Margarine
All bright & shiny cake decorations

Application: For Icings and decorations


• Whips well to deliver a smooth finish
• Aerates quickly and evenly for a better yield
• Ideal melting point gives it a soft texture for easy blending of added sugars and flavours


• Gives a premium and glossy finish
• So light, makes you want to eat more
• Gives that fresh look for a longer time

Marvo Excel – Bakery Shortening
For melt-in-mouth creams

Application: For premium icings and decorations


• Aerated to give high volume in reduced time
• Ideal melting point that ensures no palate cling
• Bright, pure white colour


• High volume icing for increased coverage
• Melts in the mouth ensuring added flavour experience
• Is glossy white bringing out the added colours better

Merrigold – Creaming Margarine
Best for Cakes, Creaming & Icing

Application: Best for Cakes, Creaming & Icing
Pack Size: 15Kg Box


• Zero Cholesterol
• Grain-less
• Creamy


• Flawless & Tasty decorations
• Can also be used for plastering and fillings

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