Desire Chocochip Cookies


• Take a bowl Cream Marvo Pride, Browne sugar powder sugar ,salt,vanilla powder ,chocolate essence till light and fluffy.
• Add baking soda and milk add this to the cream mix
• Add, flour, baking powder to the mix.
• Add choco chip and cashew nuts and mix.
• Make small round ball and place it in the baking tray apart 2 inches gape
• Bake at 160°C for 20 minutes


1000 gms
Marvo Pride
600 gms
Powder Sugar
200 gms
Browne Sugar
450 gms
300 gms
Desire chocochip
150 gms
Cashew nuts
150 gms
Baking Soda
10 gms
Baking Powder
5 gms
Vanilla Powder
10 gms
5 gms
Chocolate Essence
5 gms


If you want softer cookies, bake them for a lesser time, around 10 minutes.
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