Lily Star NT – Vanaspati

Application: For all varieties of puffs & Kharis
Pack Size: 15 Kg Box (5kg x 3 Slabs)


• Comes in a block form in 5 equal slabs
• Is highly plastic for easy application
• Lump free ensures uniform distribution
• Spreads easily to ensure even layering


• Gives outstanding patty height
• Better layer separation and formation
• Produces crisp and flaky puffs
• Delivers mouth-watering taste
• Trans Fat Free
• Lighter

Desire Chocochip Cookies


• Take a bowl Cream Marvo Pride, Browne sugar powder sugar ,salt,vanilla powder ,chocolate essence till light and fluffy.
• Add baking soda and milk add this to the cream mix
• Add, flour, baking powder to the mix.
• Add choco chip and cashew nuts and mix.
• Make small round ball and place it in the baking tray apart 2 inches gape
• Bake at 160°C for 20 minutes

Ricca Cake Gels

Application: For special high volume cakes


• Lower dosage compared to industry norms
• Ideal combination of ingredients for best results across all parameters


• Produces light, soft and high volume cakes
• Produces cakes with a thin crust minimizing wastage
• Gives uniform, close smooth crumb structure to cakes